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New stories added

This week two stories have been added to our website.
You can find them in the stories pages.

Sgt. Michael A. Chiodo:

Ssgt. Mike Swab Jr.:

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Video Test


Soon to be released video.
Please do not download.

Watch video online

 download (wmv, 21.2 mb)
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The most recent story added to Fallen But Not Forgotten tells about the life of Pfc. Hubert L. Hughes who was from Tennessee and served with the 117th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Infantry Division (Old Hickory). Hubert Hughes is buried at the cemetery side by side with his brother Carl E. Hughes, who died in Italy. You can find the story at the website in the Stories section.


June 28th 2008 the cemetery was visited by a veteran of the 611thGraves Registration Company, the company, led by Captai... [continue reading]

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Kick Off

Today is the start of the Fallen But Not Forgotten weblog.

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